Beloved Brothers and Beloved Sisters in the Light,

This website, like life itself, is a work in progress…

Your interactions with me will contribute to the ways and the infinite possibilities in which it can change, grow, adapt and evolve.

My objectives for a website are many and varied, but at the heart of them all remains my commitment to the Service of the Light: through healing, sharing information and being a meeting point for all those who search for a connection to the greater realms of spirit and the understanding that we are indeed ONE with ALL THAT IS.

I have a dream - and my dream is not mine alone - we are many who share this dream for a long, very long time. We share the dream of a better and gentler world - a world where we become our brother's keeper, a world where we work for love and peace instead of hatred and war; a world where we all shall learn how to help and to heal each other, to share both our knowledge and our resources with love and wisdom; a world where we honor the memory we carry within, of who we truly are, and what we came here to do.

We are the Legions of Light - awakening from the long night of darkness, fear and ignorance. Our common destiny is to make our dream come through and manifest it in every possible way, so that we just not only know that we are the instruments of Light but that we act and start bringing forth another world, another reality and another awareness in humanity, for such IS the DIVINE PLAN for the loving little planet we call EARTH, the planet where all universes and realities are merging.

It is with deepest love from my heart and soul that I welcome you to share on this journey we are all traveling together and it is with sincere gratitude that I will welcome your suggestions and input on how to make this website grow, for the greater good of all.
With Love and Light,

Lou Bognon