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The Inner Voice
A spiritual and inspirational Radio Program

The Inner Voice transcends and embraces all chosen paths, beliefs, cultures and philosophies in the spirit of the true brotherhood of all humanity and speaks to the inner voice within each one of us - the voice of our divine selves.

The Inner Voice is a weekly spiritual and inspirational radio program, which I write, produce and present, both in English and French and which is broadcast via short wave, internet and satellite radio on Channel Africa, the Voice of the African Rennaissance and the Voice of South Africa to Africa and the world.

The objective of the program is to inspire, motivate and help listeners, throughout Africa and the world, to cope with everyday realities by exploring spiritual truths and principles which transcend all of our perceived differences and self-imposed divisions.

Content focus is on loving, understanding, healing and changing ourselves first, in the knowledge that we can create new realities in and around ourselves, by developing a greater understanding of basic spiritual concepts and laws governing our world, as well as taking what are often small but necessary steps towards change.


No. 264 To be recorded 2 MAR Mon 2009 (ON AIR: 17/03/09)

In this week’s program we delve deeper into this subject in order to understand and master our lives in a more constructive, directive and positive way. Specific examples will be shared to facilitate this understanding.

No. 265 To be recorded Mon. 9 MAR 2009 (ON AIR:24/03/09)

This week we will join in the celebration of international women’s day, albeit with 4 days delay, hopefully with other women guests, and we will be focusing on the real inner power women hold in Africa and all over our planet in nurturing families and entire nations.

No. 266 To be recorded Mon. 16 MAR 2009 (ON AIR: 31/03/09)

As the year 2009 slowly advances, we can all start to see that many illusions are being shed – making this the year to really shed our illusions about many things we have taken to be truths up to this point of our common history.

No. 267 To be recorded Mon. 23 MAR 2009(ON AIR: 07/04/09)

How do we survive this economical crisis that seems to be placing unprecedented stress in most people?
We share some inspirational wisdom to help each other along.

No. 268 To Be recorded Monday 30 March 2009 (ON AIR: 14/04/09)

This week we learn to see every single person who crosses our path as a potential bringer of the gifts of many lessons for us. In a universe where order prevails, all things are happening according to a precise plan for our evolution and we need to further develop this understanding with every single person we meet along our journey.


PSE NOTE: in brackets are the BROADCASTING DATES

No. 243 To be recorded Mon. 6 Oct 2008 (on air: 21/10/O8)
What is Reincarnation?

In this week’s programme we tackle the second on the series of 3 “what is?” programs started last month and take an in-depth study of the notion, concept and reality of re-incarnation.

No. 244 To be recorded Mon. 13 Oct 2008 (on air: 28/10//08)
What is Inner Reality?

Nothing illustrates this question’s answer better than the man who believes he is being persecuted when in reality he is living isolated on an island…meaning the outer reality is most often not what is important but how one feels inside.

No. 245 To be recorded Mon. 20 Oct 2008 (on air: 04/11/08)
Languaging - with Motlalepule Mokhine

This week with our Guest of honour, Motlalepule Mokhine, a coach and trainer, we learn further about the power and the true meaning of words and how best to use them for working success.

No. 246 To be recorded Mon. 27 Oct 2008 (on air: 11/11/08)
Cancer Cure update with Noel da Silva

How far is Noel on the healing of his blood cancer since we interviewed him last year? Listen in for powerful healing messages and techniques he has been putting into practice, in order to heal himself.

PSE NOTE: in brackets are the BROADCASTING DATES

No. 238 To be recorded Mon. 1st Sept 2008 (on air: 16/Sept/ O8)
Responsibility and biology

In this week’s programme we explore the connection between our sense of being overwhelmed by too much responsibility and how it affects our biology, especially the literal pain in the shoulders, neck and back.

No. 239 To be recorded Mon. 8 Sept 2008 (on air: 23/Sept/08)
Relationships as a result of our beliefs with Motlalepule Mokhine

With our guest of honour in this week’s programme we discuss the effect that our beliefs have in the quality of our relationships. Motlalepule Mokhine manages her own coaching and training business inspiring many people as she goes along.

No. 240 To be recorded Mon. 15 Sept. 2008 (on air: 30 Sept/ 08)
Honouring Heritage Day

This week The Inner Voice honours the celebration of South African heritage Day and extends it to the African Continent and its untold contributions to the world as we know it.

No. 241 To be recorded Mon. 22 Sept. 2008 (on air: 07/Oct/0808)
When surrender is not giving up

How often do we struggle in life like salmons swimming against the current till we can no longer do so. Why are we not taught the road of less resistance and surrender when it is obviously a waste of energy to go on. When is the key word here and we shall learn to look out for life’s signposts.

No. 242 To be recorded Mon. 29 Sept. Sept. 2008 (on air14/Oct/0808)
What is karma?

In the first of a new short series of programs we learn new concepts, words and expressions of spiritual language which have been fully embraced by the everyday language we speak and explain them in this context.

PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 234 To be recorded Mon. 4 August 2008 (on air: 19/AUG/O8)
What is synchronicity and how to benefit?

In this week’s programme we take a deeper perspective into what really is synchronicity and how we can all learn to benefit from it.

No. 235 To be recorded Mon. 11 August 2008 (on air: 26/AUG/08)
Celebrating the Breath of Life - with Hilde Light

Our guest of honour in this week and next week’s programme will speak about her long term work with breathing techniques for healing and relaxation as well as access past memories.

No. 236 To be recorded Mon. 18 August 2008 (on air: 02/SEP/ 08)
Liquid Bliss - with Hilde Light

This week Hilde Light will talk about another aspect of her fascinating work of some thirty years with facilitating water births for expectant mothers as well as her healing work involving wild dolphins and African elephants.

No. 237 To be recorded Mon 25 August 2008 (on air: 09/SEP/0808)
Staying positive no matter what

In times of social, economical and political uncertainty it is easy to fall in line with the prevailing negative mood. In this programme we learn that it is just as easy to stay positive – no matter what is happening all around us. We learn how and what to do to stay positive no matter what.

PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 230 To be recorded Mon. 7 JULY 2008 (on air: 22/JUL/O8)
Prediction Check

In this program, as traditional at this time of the year, we check out what I had predicted back in December 07 for 2008 and see how far off – or on target were my predictions.

No. 231 To be recorded Mon. 14 JULY 2008 (on air: 29/JUL/08)
Sound Journeys with Courtney Ward

Courtney Ward, from South Africa, travels the world making people experience the healing sounds of her music – with her we shall learn more about the healing power of some kinds of musical instruments and their music.

No. 232 To be recorded Mon. 21 JULY 2008 (on air: 05/AUG/ 08)
Sound Journeys - continued

On this program we continue the sound journeys with Courtney but we will focus more on some of her instruments, mainly the very basic traditional ones used by the indigenous peoples of the Earth.

No. 233 To be recorded Mon 28 JULY 2008 (on air: 12/AUG/0808)
Religion versus spirituality

Here is a long overdue program to make us see the differences between religion and spirituality as this is a subject many seem confused about and I have received many requests to write on.


PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 225 To be recorded Mon. 2 JUNE 2008 (on air: 17 June O8)
Honouring Youth Day

In this program we remember the courage and the strength of the Soweto youth back in 1976 and their fight for equal education and rights under the apartheid regime. We remember those youths who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

No. 226 To be recorded Mon. 9 JUNE 2008 (on air: 24 June08)
Anger Management with Doctor C. McCallum

Anger being so common and prevalent an emotion in our social behaviour with consequences often tragic and fatal – we dedicate this program and the next one, to hopefully learn and share some techniques for anger management with specialist personal coach and psychologist Dr. McCallum.

No. 227 To be recorded Mon. 16 JUNE 2008 (on air: 01 July 08)
Anger Management with Doctor C. McCallum – continued

We continue to learn and share techniques with Dr. McCallum on how to manage anger – a so often destructive emotion for self and others.

No. 228 To be recorded Mon 23 JUNE 2008 (on air: 08 July 08)
Harnessing the Power of Belief

On this program I share some of the thoughts and experiences as a healer that I was asked to write for the Global Focus of Meditation, where The Inner Voice has a fairly substantial following inside the USA and Canada.

(Visit: - and – for more relevant information on what is happening on our planet)

No. 229 To be recorded Monday 30 JUNE 2008 (on air: 15 July 08)
Finding one’s Voice

On this program we share techniques of communication – physical, mental and spiritual - that will assist people to find their own voice and better express themselves and their truths.


PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 221. To be recorded Mon. 5 MAY 2008 (on air:20 MAY O8)
Celebrating 14 years of freedom

As South Africa celebrates its 14th anniversary as a free democracy, we pay tribute to all whose lives made it possible, all the while acknowledging both the successes and the fragility of our (often) taken for granted freedom(s). We look at the meaning of 14 years: is it not often the age of immaturity and perilous self-confidence?

No. 222. To be recorded Mon. 12 MAY 2008 (on air: 27 MAY 08)
Ease and Grace – a new way

In this program a new way of thinking and of being in the world is offered as opposed to the old paradigm of “no pain no gain, hardship is the only way”.

Ease and Grace are the new ways – the new key words to living a life of meaning without the old torturing pain to achieve one’s goals.

No. 223. To be recorded Mon. 19 MAY 2008 (on air: 03 Jun 08)
Guilt – the useless emotion

How often do we allow such an emotion to take over our lives without realising that guilt is really a useless emotion? The sole purpose of guilt is to allow us to make reparation and change our ways. Holding on to guilt is just as destructive as the action which brought it about in the first place.

No. 224. To be recorded Mon 26 MAY 2008 (on air: 10 Jun 08)
Life Purpose and the purpose of life

Here is a program for our times – more than ever perhaps - we can again ask the question: what is the purpose of life and what is my life purpose?

Here we shall attempt to give specific guidance and encouragement to those who are true seekers of their purpose in life


PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 217. To be recorded Mon. 7 APRIL 2008 (on air: 22 APRIL O8)
The health benefits of gratitude

As is now traditional I start every new season on the theme of gratitude given its primordial importance in so many aspects of life.

Today we will focus on the health connections and the brain molecules that science now associates with gratitude.

No. 218. To be recorded Mon. 14 APRIL 2008 (on air: 29 APRIL 08)
Preventative Health Care with Nicci Kotkis

In what hopefully will become an ongoing series of workshops we learn from a specialist in her field about sustainable, realistic ways of health prevention especially in relationship to work-stress situations.

No. 219. To be recorded Mon. 21 APRIL 2008 (on air: 3 MAY 08)
Preventative Health Care with Nicci Kotkis (cont)

We pick up where we left last week in order to have a better understanding of the subject with Nicci Kotkis.

No. 220. To be recorded Mon 28 APRIL 2008 (on air: 10 MAY 08)
Practicing non-judgement

This program is intended to make us understand how living in a non-judgemental way leads to greater understanding and tolerance, promotes a sense of acceptance of all the people we interact with, and to make the point we look at some different cultural aspects of our beloved continent.

PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 212. To be recorded Monday 3 March 2008 (on air: 18/03/08)
Climatic conditions – a higher understanding

In this program I share a message received from higher dimensional understanding about what is really happening in terms of the strange and sometimes freaky climatic conditions we are experiencing all over the world

No. 213. To be recorded Monday 10 March 2008 (on air: 25/03/08)
Embracing Change

Change is the only constant in our universe – and yet we all fear change sometimes. This program will empower us through the understanding of the benefits of embracing and welcoming change in all facets of our lives.

No. 214. To be recorded Monday 17 March 2008 (on air: 01/04/08)
Home remedies for diabetics

Here I share some of my experiences in healing and the home remedies that I have been guided to pass on to my diabetic patients by their spirit guides.

No. 215. To be recorded Monday 24 March 2008 (on air: 08/04/08)
Life Skills No. 6. Our 6th sense

At the request of listeners in the DRC, I have written this program on how to develop and trust the sixth sense.

No.216 To be recorded Monday 31 March 2008 (on air 15/04/20)
Walking the South Pole – an interview with Sibusiso Vilane

Sibusiso Vilane, my friend and Zulu teacher, has again challenged himself to the farthest anyone can go – he recently walked the South Pole for 2 months and knowing how spiritually connected to the planet he is we can expect his sharing to be very powerful.

PSE NOTE: in brackets are the broadcasting dates

No. 208. To be recorded Monday 4 February 2008 (on air: 19/02/08)
Cosmic Cycles

This program disproves the illusions of “being quiet” we experience on planet earth. Here we learn about speeds of rotational movement and the influence of the various sun, lunar and planetary and cosmic cycles on our lives.

No. 209. To be recorded Monday 11 February 2008 (on air: 26/02/08)
Life Skills Series: 4. Learning to Listen

Here is a major life skill where we all could do with some suggestions on how to improve our capacity to listen.

From personal and interpersonal relationships to the workplace this is a key life skill that separates winners from losers.

No. 210. To be recorded Monday 18 February 2008 (on air: 04/03/08)
How to give gratitude to Earth

In this program we find innovative and simple ways to give gratitude to our Mother Earth and encourage each other in our endeavours, by sharing what is already being done by some.

No. 211. To be recorded Monday 25 January 2008 (on air: 11/03/08)
Life Skills Series: 5. Learning to create Abundance

Here we revisit the many and varied ways we have at our disposal to create abundance in our lives. After all Abundance is simply – only - our divine birthright.

No. 204. To be recorded Monday 7 January 2008 (on air: 22/01/08)
Life Skills Series: 1. To Receive and To Give

In this series of programmes we shall attempt to impart some of the basic life skills we all need to lead better and more meaningful lives. All the skills in this series will be focused on helping with mind expansion so as to understand and develop these skills at self-conscious levels. In this first program we learn how to open ourselves to receiving first that which we wish to give to others – after all none can give that which they have not received, be it love, money or anything else in between.

No. 205. To be recorded Monday 14 January 2008 (on air: 29/01/08)
Life Skills Series: 2. To Take Responsibility

Nothing truly meaningful can ever happen in our lives till we learn this important life skill – we are responsible for all things that happen to us – whether we understand this or not. This program will remind and teach us how strong and empowered we really can become simple by learning this life skill.

No. 206. To be recorded Monday 21 January 2008 (on air: 05/02/08)
Surviving Africa – an essay by Dr. I. Weinberg

In this program we discuss with Dr Weinberg, a famous Johannesburg neurosurgeon, author and life coach, his latest and mind bending essay on the Surviving Spirituality of Africa.

No. 207. To be recorded Monday 28 January 2008 (on air: 12/02/08)
Life Skills Series: 3. To Manage and Manipulate Time

Back to the life skills series, in this week’s programme we will impart the basic skills on this matter by giving a step by step approach to mastering this most important skill, especially when applicable to the workplace.

No. 199. To be recorded Monday 3 December 2007 (on air: 18/12/07)
A review of 2007

This program as its title reveals will attempt to make a review of the past year and will refer to a previous program which was dedicated to its potentials.

No. 200. To be recorded Monday 10 December 2007 (on air: 25/12/07)
The Universal Message of Christmas

Today we remember the true spirit of Christmas and look at it without boundaries of any kind and its universal message of love and peace, now more important than ever

No. 201. To be recorded Monday 17 December 2007 (on air: 01/01/08)
Potentials for 2008

As is tradition now on The Inner Voice we shall see what potential harvest 2008 will bring us taking into account that which was planted and seeded during 2007

No. 202. To be recorded Monday 24 December 2007 (on air: 08/01/08)
When silence speaks louder than words

On this program we will be discussing the great wisdom of knowing when to remain silent as opposed to speaking out indiscriminately.

No. 203 To be recorded Monday 31 December 2007 (on air: 15/01/08)
Making plans and resolutions

In a world in accelerated motion people often think it is useless to make plans and resolutions – here we dispel that notion and discuss why it remains imperative to plan one’s life as best we can.

No. 195. To be recorded Monday 5 November 2007
Wisdom of saving - with Winnie Kunene

Winnie Kunene is a respected South African coach on financial matters and this program is the second in a series we have agreed to record to inspire people into developing good financial wisdom and practices.

No. 196. To be recorded Monday 12 November 2007
Favourite quotes and meaning

Here I share some of my favourite quotes by diverse and inspiring people and how their inherent wisdom affected my understanding of life. Ex: J.Hendrix: when the power of love will overcome the love of power we will know Peace; Ghandi: what is not given is lost.

No. 197. To be recorded Monday 19 November 2007
Loving what we do – and doing what we love

A program to inspire us to see that everything can be done with love till such time as the universe entrusts us to do that we really love to.

No. 198. To be recorded Monday 26 November 2007
Fire – the natural element

Inspired by an article I have been asked to write for the BIOPHILE an environmentally conscious with a spiritual edge magazine - I will share my understanding of Fire as nature’s element .

No. 190. To be recorded Monday 1 October 2007
Financial Wisdom with Winnie Kunene

This program will focus on the simple things we all can do to improve our financial situation. Winnie Kunene is a respected South African coach on these matters and she is also a Director on the board of some of South Africa’s top companies.

No. 191. To be recorded Monday 8 October 2007
Our 2nd brain

We all have a 2nd brain – indeed – placed in our stomach. Recent research has found the same receptor cells in both our brain and in our stomach, explaining so many of our “upset’ reactions under stress conditions.

No. 192. To be recorded Monday 15 October 2007
In defence of a vegetarian diet

Based on the scientific available information on diet and its effects on health and life in general, this program will argue in defence of a vegetarian diet, in all fronts: environmental, health, economic and naturally - spiritual.

No. 193. To be recorded Monday 22 October 2007
The White Lions – an update

It has been over a year that we had invited the Head of the White Lions Trust, Linda Tucker, whose life is dedicated to save these wonderful creatures from a circus and/or canned meat fate - a good news update.

No. 194. To be recorded Monday 29 October 2007
Inspiring tips for job seekers

This program is intended to assist all the new job seekers and inspire them on what to do to get their dream job. Giving us these tips are Adam and Karina, both Executive Directors of Strategic Personnel, a specialized company in their field.

No. 177. To be recorded Monday 2 July 2007
Dr. John Demartini - a message for the youth

In this program, together with Dr. Demartini, the best selling American author on self-help books, acclaimed international motivational and inspirational speaker, we will focus on motivating the youth with inspiring messages for them to find their path.

No. 178. To be recorded Monday 9 July 2007
Essential Oils - continued - with Roy Aiken

This program is a promised follow up on the issue of essential oils and self healing.
Which oils for what, how best to use them for each condition, etc.

No. 179. To be recorded Monday 16 July 2007

To be and to have

In a world in the midst of accelerated motion and change, here we will focus on our need, now and in the future, to become more of who we truly are, instead of having more things which we may not be able to keep. In short: time is here for us to define ourselves by our qualities more than by our quantities.

No. 180. To be recorded Monday 23 July 2007
What is cellular memory?

If on average, every single cell of our bodies is renewed every eleven months, why do we keep our sicknesses and illnesses sometimes for life? The concept of cellular memory will be explained and the program will teach us how to use this knowledge for living a more empowered and healthy life.

No. 181. To be recorded Monday 30 July 2007
How do we develop tolerance?

Here is a program, whose sole intention is to promote the understanding that tolerance can and must be developed in ourselves first before we can expect others to become tolerant also.

No. 173. To be recorded Monday 4 June 2007
An AIDS update with Judge Cameron

In view of the fact that our own Supreme Court of Appeal's Judge Edwin Cameron is also a high profile international Aids Activist and therefore right at the centre of what is happening in terms of developments on this field, we shall ask him, during this program, some pertinent questions about status of disease, nutritional news, evolution of Anti-Retro-Virals and results from new research both from Africa and around the world.

No. 174. To be recorded Monday 11 June 2007
Essential oils in self-healing - with Roy Aiken

Roy Aiken has a Degree in Psychology and specialized in Chemistry in Germany. He lectures widely and is known as a specialist in this field.
Through his company ESCENTIA, he also produces some of the most refined essential oils in South Africa. He supplies health therapists and beauty salons and together on this program we will focus on the use of essential oils for self-healing, especially in ailments such as depression, lack of concentration, abdominal pain, muscle injuries, headaches, infections and the like.

No. 175. To be recorded Monday 18 June 2007
Never give your power away

This is a program to remind us about learning to live without giving our power to others or to things without realizing it.
Skills on how to do this will be shared - after all this is the only way we can truly change our lives and recognize the unique power we all possess to live the best lives we can live.

No. 176. To be recorded Monday 25 June 2007
Understanding the messages of our dreams

Here is a favorite theme of our audiences - both African and across the world. This is indeed a most popular theme as most people dream - and therefore try to understand the messages their dreams reveal. Feedback on the subject of dreams has been huge in the past.

On this program we shall relate to the various cultures and archetypes as they have a direct connection with the symbols in dreams, thus allowing everyone to understand the messages encoded in what sometimes seems too complex to make sense of.

Trusting that you will find all the above to be in order, I remain at your disposal, should you require any further information.


Dear Friends,

The year statistics for our listenership on
CHANNEL AFRICA is close to five million hits!!!! Hoping that THE INNER VOICE contributes to this amazing number, here are the programs I will be recording during June 2007 for broadcast during Mid-June to mid-July...

Tune in and enjoy.