Message by Jesus
Translated and edited from French (2003)

It is sweet to my heart to speak after my brother Amida Buddha, and I renew in this hour the teaching that I have transmitted in old times: to practice Love and Charity.

Sometimes it is sad to my heart to see that after all this time my absolute sacrifice did not touch your hearts.

Today in this group, I ask you to open yourselves to True and Authentic Love.

Stop pretending, stop having a divided heart, stop passing judgment, stop abandoning your free will, stop according authority to another.

Know that you are children of God and that no one can decide for you.
You are in search of the wonderful and the spectacular.
The wonderful the spectacular is to re-alight the Christ flame, which is inside you.

To re-alight this tabernacle that yesterday was given to you in that absolute sacrifice, but which few are still aware of, aware of the celestial jewel that was deposited in your hearts.
Today no redemption awaits for you other than your own will, and
redemption will not come from the masters if you do not exercise this will;
It is a pity that so many have received the teachings of the Christ, Buddha, and of my other brothers of light, as well as Maitreya, Orin, Saint Germain and my sweet Mother who appears so regularly on this earth… and all that effort remains dead words and illusions.

Yes I am asking you to have a pure heart, to have a strong and indestructible faith. Stop pretending because all is known, by your brothers and by us.
That is how you create suffering.
Develop a pure heart.
In these moments I cover you with the energies of my infinite Love, of the presence of the Father, of the Divine Mother.
Stay centered.
Allow this divine love to penetrate you, and keep this inner silence, this Light and this flame thus re-lit.
I bless you in communion with the celestial world, I accompany you in the path that you have chosen, know that you are on the path.