Message from Amida Buddah
Translated and edited from French

You have the right to hesitate, to hesitate is part of the divine game, but to cheat with yourselves only brings harm to yourselves. We the masters know the mechanism, we have bypassed this act and we wish that you come with a pure heart, a compassionate heart, with an authentic truth.

These are the times when new, stronger and stronger energies will be activated, and if you are not dressed in your robes of Light, and if you do not try to make divine, your bodies and all that you do, you will experience energy frictions and chaotic feelings. It is through your own will, your own creation, and your own connection with us the masters that this divine work will be done.

Be attentive to your bodies, to your acts, because if you remain stuck on the will of the ego, you cover yourselves with layers of darkness.

I, Amida Buddha, ask you to elevate yourself – to access pure consciousness.
Make your life a creative meditation, a creative prayer.
Stop saying that you are a victim, that it is not your fault, because all of that is your creation.
The divine laws just are. You have to recognize, in silence, in meditation, in contemplation, that which is of God and that which is not. Just with a bit of willingness, with a simple connection, you will be able to alter all those patterns full of errors and full of illusions.

It is asked of you to abandon those aloof practices of the world and to become authentic.
Let go of too much chatter and too much agitation.