Maitreya’s sacred teaching
Translated and edited from French

I Maitreya, give you this sacred teaching so that you can communicate and spread it around you. Do not think that to receive these sacred teachings is a thing reserved to a single category of persons. All Beings that prepare and put themselves in harmony with the vibrations of the Masters can transmit, if they so wish, the teachings that will be entrusted to them.

Through you today we shall talk about the worry you are feeling and about what is going to happen to you all. (**)

There is nothing to worry about, because what will happen to you will be that which you will have chosen to program with the help of the Masters under the guidance of your own souls.
Indeed, know that nothing will happen to you that you will not have consented to beforehand.
That is why each one of you will evolve at the pace that he will have chosen to follow. Those who wish to stop can do so, those who wish to continue can also do so.

Understand that God Our Father created you free and gave you Free Will and that this freedom is an attribute of your soul and that it is Your Soul that is the safeguard of your authenticity, of who you truly are.

Have no fear in assuming who you really are, even if that goes against that which is expected of you.
Each person has to accomplish his or her own destiny, so that the divine plan for all can become a reality.

Take the place that belongs to you and allow it to shine for the benefit of all; allow the Inner being that IS You to shine. It is in this way, and in this way only that you will be able to face your truth and to live and to conform to it.
That alone is important.

A human existence is destined to make the Total Being advance towards its globality, so that it finds again the divinity that is its starting point since the beginning of humanity.

That is why nothing should come between you and the life mission you have chosen for yourselves. It is up to you to ensure that this privileged space is not violated by anyone who would make you return to the image of you that they may have conceived for you.

It is nobody’s right to conceive, to imagine, or to program neither your image nor your life.

It is to you and to you solely that belongs the exclusivity of the choice of your life.

Now, do not forget that his same principle also applies to all those around you.

Thus, as you attempt to stay masters of your destiny, never try to invest yourselves in the destiny of others. That would only take you further away from that which is your own life path.

I am not; I wish to clarify, talking here about living as a recluse or in an ivory tower. This is about living in harmony with whomever surrounds you and knowing at what particular moment you can do something to help the other to evolve, as well as detecting the very instant when it is good for you to keep your distance.

An evolved being is not a being that takes over, but rather one who allows others to be as he himself is. Those are the beings you are becoming and those are the beings that you are going to be.

It is good to ask for help when we need it, but ideally it is always preferable to search within that which you have to do or to change. The responses are in you, go within and you will find them.

For those of you that no longer are so far from mastering their own lives, it is useless to look back, to the old reflexes of the old beings you were yesterday. Those times for you are gone. Now you need to look at life as divine beings incarnated on earth. You will then see how life can be so much more beautiful, so much easier and so much more joyful.

I, Maitreya, am happy to invite you to advance on the path as divine beings, so that we do not need to keep holding your hands, because you yourselves will be able to ascend on your own. Our work as Masters will then consist in welcoming you and set you up in these dimensions which would have become more appropriate for who you will have become: you will have become Ascended Human Beings on earth, and as such, you will then be guided in your life by the Celestial Light.

This new beginning is at your door. It waits that you open fully so that it can penetrate and submerge you of its beautiful Light.

(**) Reference is made here to the post September 11 feelings and fears felt by the French group (where this message was received)