More messages by Maitreya
Translated and edited from French

About the New Man

The new man will not be in the image of your society of consumption,
he will be in the image of God: pure and simple.
He will be of great simplicity.
He will not make compromises
He will learn wisdom.
He will have a pure heart and he will no longer be into discrimination, but rather into openness and unity.
Remain united because it is this way that you need to work in order to advance.
Do not loose your solidarity.
It is to you that is given to show by example, what this true fraternity means; when others will see you they will be able to say: yes, these are New Beings, these are beings apart from the rest, these are brothers and sisters and together they labor to bring the Light, to bring forth a New World

True Fraternity means sharing.
True Fraternity means being patient with each other, the acceptance of the other in your hearts, to share with those around you, the jewel, the source you have found with us, you are ascending and no doubt the divine plan is slowly coming into being.