Maitreya's words on the divine plan:
Translated and edited from French

Yes we need your help and we need words to be clear so that they do not come to separate us but rather bring us together.

Understand that when we speak about installing the Divine Plan on Earth, that it is really about installing and recreating the Light there, where there is darkness, so that we increase the vibrations of the whole earth.

Understand further that this plan has not been a static one, one that was established in the beginning of time; no – the divine plan has evolved as much as human beings have been evolving. This divine plan is directly related to human evolution, but not to the evolution of the intellect or the mental, but rather to the evolution of the intuitive and the spiritual.

Yes, all beings that re-learn to love themselves, that re-learn to love life in all its forms, all beings who fill themselves with peace, who sow peace wherever they go, without ever needing to neglect their daily routines, and even without needing to leave their suburbs, will have greatly contributed to the establishment of this balance, they will have greatly contributed to the evolution of the divine plan.

Understand that a single being, alone in his little corner, can already participate in all the simplicity and all the greatness of his soul and his heart. Understand that the time has come not to evaluate a being according to what he looks like, his appearance, his knowledge, nor according to his professional or material situation. Each being has to be seen in his divinity, in what he possesses of best in him, in that, which he has offered of his possibilities, to give the totality of what he has become to the rest of humanity.
Understand that the time has come, not to work for oneself anymore, but to work for the collective of humanity, for the whole of humanity.

Become conscious of the divinity you carry since the beginning of time. Become conscious that this awareness can only result in the one and same reaction: that of humility and responsibility to assume fully that which you really are.

Remain assured of your importance and of that which you can offer and forget all about pretending and about what others may think, what counts is that you become conscious and that you witness your own rebirth, by making it a habit of living in the integrity of your being.