Messages from the Divine Mother
Translated and edited from French

My children I ask you, that as much as possible you come together, a few of you, you could go to a place, or visualize a place, and once there, appeal to all the Masters, Angels and Archangels, so that you spread the flames of Love over the Earth, the Violet Flame, the Blue Flame, the Rosy Flame, all the flames of the colors of the rainbow, so that they can come and purify and bring harmony to nature and to Mother Earth who needs it so very desperately.

I know some of you already are doing it, and I know all my 'doves'* do it through thought. But you can also do it through your presence in a site, which you could visualize, allowing us to work better together.
This work is going on throughout the whole planet, but you can do it even more consciously now.

All the love that you will send to all divine creatures, you know that it will be sent back to you, because that which you do to all divine creatures, it is to you my children that you are doing it too.
I thank you my beloved children, I hold you all tightly against my heart and I spread my great love all over you.

* Referring here to the term by which the Divine Mother fefers to her devotees in France.