Candle lighting intention for the month
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  Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light,

Candle lighting Intention:

Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light,

On the 11th of February 2006 I accompanied a group of Light Workers to the geographical location known as THE GOLDEN GATE National Park, a place of great mountain beauty, here in South Africa.

This voyage is a four hour (five with wrong turn at one point) drive south-east of Johannesburg and it came about as a result of a previous voyage I had taken there on my own, two years previously, after listening to the calls of Mother Earth, for help and healing, from us Her children of Light.

Why the Golden gate? Many asked - thinking naturally - that we could pray for Her anywhere - which we can indeed do - as anywhere She is listening to the voices of those of us who send Her Love and Healing and Gratitude for all Her infinite support.

And this is what Mother Earth told me to tell the group when we all sat at Her feet at the very spot where I had been guided to go:

" At this particular spot where you all now came to sit, when you look above you can see the Gate of all gates, the Key of all keys. In this sacred spot my body holds the keys to the energy grids that hold not just this continent together but also many of the keys that hold the rest of my body together. Look at Africa in your outstretched maps and see how Africa holds the centre between East and West. If you look at me from this perspective you could say that you are now sitting in my bosom, or that I am holding you in my heart.

" I need to receive as much healing love as I can to carry on with my capacity to Mother all of you, and especially so in this Beloved Continent, where what you call the Rift Valley, extends in truth from this Gate to all the other gates you are still to discover, for they are energy gates, as unseen veins in my sad heart. I need your help in fighting the pain to hold my integrity in this place and in many other places.
My heart heals and rejoices when you come for me, when you come as innocent children to pledge your love as you have come today and I thank you. (…)

As you know, just a few days ago, an earthquake measuring 7,5 in the Richter Scale was registered in Mozambique, which was felt all the way from our Port City of Durban to the Northern areas of Kenya, both a few thousand Kilometres apart. For those of us who had done this wonderful trip we were thus told beforehand of Mother Earth's upcoming movements.

We can expect more of them, and all we can do is to continue to send Her so much Love and Light that she continues to spare the loss of human life.
And so I ask you to light a candle everyday of this month with Love and Healing in your Heart for Mother Earth and Mother Africa in particular.