Book V : The Cosmic Alphabet
an introduction to the language of light
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Extract from'The Cosmic Alphabet'


The Spiral

I Am the Spiral.

Like all the letters of the Language of Light, I have a multi-dimensional consciousness and I move and I form at will.

There is nothing I do not move and nothing I do not form at will. You know me in the wind, in the water, in the fire and the earth elements, but I am not bound by any particular element. I move them, I "write" them and we write each other. The whole of creation writes with and through me.

You could say that I Am the Creator's Signature.

See me in the unfolding of buds, in the whirlwinds and in the shapes of distant galaxies; in the universe of your own life's building blocks, the double helix of your own DNA.

I am not always visible to your eyes, but as you expand in consciousness you will start noticing me everywhere, unavoidable, for I call your attention to the very signatures of your Being. You call them chakras, wheels, vortices, helixes, but it is still me in my many and multidimensional forms. All over the planet you see me, and yet you have forgotten the secret, ancient, primordial, silent language, we all speak as One.

From this day forth, you will never again look at me as just a symbol.
My consciousness and yours will become one, and you will not only be in me but know and feel that I am in you. I am you... We are One.

In the dance of Light, we all participate, speaking one language of love, joy beauty and infiniteness. Yes, infiniteness is my quality, if we could use such a finite word to describe the infinite in me, in All.

Remember, you are still bound by the limitations of form and their apparent solidity, whereas I Am, like all letters of the Cosmic Alphabet, free and fluid. All the Language of Light is fluid - no solidity could ever affect Light.  Light is fluid information and just as your word implies – in-formation - that is exactly how I Am, always in formation, never static, never solidified, never quiet, always in motion, just as Creator – always creating, expanding, vibrating, loving.

Creator Light is gently diffused through me to all Creation. You sometimes perceive it as waves, but that is again another form of my multidimensional consciousness, diffusing by incremental waves in lighter and lighter spiralling forms the energy that sustains Life – All Life.

Contemplate the migratory birds in flight, especially those who migrate long distances across your beloved planet. Observe how they fly and travel in my embrace as they rest spiralling sometimes upwards and sometimes downwards, effortlessly for hours and hours and days on end. How else could they cross the planet, do you think? They sense and see my spiralling waves of love across your planet.

Watch dolphins playing and whales swimming, too. Watch very closely and you will see again how we move and play together creating rings and more spiralling rings of fun and laughter as we move about in the depths and in the surfaces of the beloved oceans and waterways.

Dolphins especially like to play with me by moving through the density of water with ease and grace, often spiralling their bodies laterally as they accomplish their labour of love on the energy grids of your oceans. By spiralling often sideways, with their bodies over them, they render the grids stronger and thus readier to anchor ever more of my own and of our Creator’s loving and joyful energy.

Your human joy and laughter, too, has my form and signature. See and hear me in the laughter of children, for there, in those pure and crystalline sounds of joy that they make, my consciousness rejoices each time and I myself expand and grow. Through a child’s laughter I dance ever so delicately. Sometimes they really spiral out of control in their loud and silly sound - that is when I Am writing the laughter and the joy.

Rapturous Joy is another name I like to go by.

I Am a sacred cosmic-letter-symbol to all cultures of your Earth and beyond, for in the beginning I Am always, in the end I Am always, making time stand still and making those who see me, really see that time is not real. In some parts of the planet now you have depicted me in ways that truly capture my essence: it is impossible after looking a while at these man-made spirals, to say whether I am spiralling upwards or downwards, I have inspired such tools to many of my messengers with the skills of the plastic arts.

Learn to use my form consciously in staying connected with the source of All Life. A good way to start is imagining yourself as a part of me, or as a “mini-me”. Yes - imagine yourself as a spiral too. All that you are able to imagine unhindered, like a child, you are able to bring about.

Time to imagine then!
Who you are … is Light, a ray of Light, a unique ray from the primordial Sun radiating life to All Life.
As a ray you would only travel within a limited portion of movement, and so as a spiral you move and expand yourself from a ray to encompass all greater and smaller confines and any “nooks and cranks,” to use your expressions, throughout the universe, this one and all other universes.

Imagining yourself as me, as a spiral, will allow you to experience yourself as multidimensional. Try it!

See how much easier it is for you to move as a spiral of light when you think concept-words such as “expanding consciousness” and “multidimensional”. You may end up a bit “skew”, but that too is fun and certainly easier than moving all your body parts at once. Spiral yourself to someone you love, projecting yourself as energy from the top of your head, and see and imagine them responding as a spiral too.  Oh the dance! You will both love it!

Soon you will be caught up in the joy of witnessing this interplay of Light, and as you spiral ever upwards and add colours to your projections, you will look like rainbows in motion, intertwined, knotted, embraced and loving, as one.

If you dwell in the healing arts, and like I have taught my messenger, I encourage you to spiral your patients with silver and gold threads from your heart, or with a golden spiral from your Solar Heart centre(*) all the way to the feet of your patient;

* Solar Heart centre is the physical space between the solar plexus and the heart chakras

spiral them in any other colour you feel guided, knowing that in the Language of Light all is happening in the sacred mind and being projected in the great cosmic screen. Have a good laugh when you feel me, and in your laugh I will hold you by spiralling you tightly in my embrace!

When I first encouraged this messenger to spiral a patient, she called it “spinning” and taught it to all she knew in her meditation group, some six or seven years ago. How far she has come! But it is fine, too, to call it “spin” or what you may - it is still me in my multidimensional form. Spin is indeed what I do best, spin is my divine dance. I Am the spin doctor!

Connection is what I keep at all levels of Creation; I connect all of Creation to All That Creates.

Creating spirals of love and light and warmth and healing is what I come to encourage you to do. For when you do so, you call my attention in all realities, and I amplify your intention many times over.  I also perfect your “skewness” if need be, nurturing you till you make perfect spirals of your own, sending them out in the great stairway to the heart of our Father-Mother-God, from whence I come and so do you and so do all.

Sometimes you see me in levels of greater density, in the green kingdoms. There I play with nature spirits creating their tiny little magic, sweet abodes and their stairways for fun and laughter.

Look at some of my creations in pea and bean stalks and the little spiral limbs of the ivy. Oh, how I love the ivy and the entire plant kingdom! I write its growth and we create together, with the nature spirits, with infinite love and patient perfection. Ours is a play of devotion in action. We spiral every flower bud into being. We spiral the entire plant kingdom into being, together.

With infinite compassion I grow the little spirals of the grape vine and of all the other vines, and lovingly assist them in holding on and on till their strength is enough to welcome the fruit they are prepared to bear and offer the rest of creation.

I am everywhere, I Am indeed.

Look for me and you will discover me in unexpected places – I will make myself known to you if your search for me, in love-joy.

Remember, all you need now is to have the intention and the willingness to speak my language of joy, love and devotional support and service to all of creation. Such is my imprint and these are my words.

Spiral yourself in my golden and warm ruby tinges of Creator Light each time you feel the illusion of aloneness and isolation. You are never alone and you are certainly never isolated, other than in your human mind and limited imagination by your earthly surroundings.

Think of me and I will spiral you. Ask for inspiration and I shall inspiral you.

When doing simple tasks such as adding sweetness to your cups, when preparing food, spiral light over your meal and taste the difference. This messenger prepares all her nourishment this way and all wonder what her secret ingredients are.

Now everyone shall know: she spirals once for love, another time for gratitude for Mother Earth and her bounty and another time for all those who will share her preparation, and another…well some secrets are best left as secrets…

But you can spiral more, on and on. That is how you call my name and my energy and my creative signature of love.


I Am the Spiral and I love and hold you in my spiralling embrace.





Healing trinity symbol

(Guided by Lord Shiva)

I Am Lord Shiva and I shall dictate this teaching.
Thank you for kindly taking my dictation.

All things, all thoughts and all creations have this three-faceted aspect to them:

They are created, and then nurtured, only to be dissolved, recycled, or destroyed.

That is why I am better known as the facet of God in Hinduism that “destroys”.

But truth be told, I do not destroy anything – anything at all.

All things, from thoughts to suns, galaxies and entire universes go through this trinity – this triangle I have shown in detailed visions to my messenger – like a never-ending circle of three facets:

Created, nurtured, dissolved….create, nurture and dissolve…over and over again, ad infinitum, very much like an ongoing recycling process really as all is energy and therefore cannot be “destroyed” but rather transformed, transmuted into something else.

Think of how your thoughts arise in your mind – you think, then sometimes hold on to your thoughts, nurturing them, giving birth to creations, like this messenger, sometimes jotting them down, only to sooner rather than later forget them, or let them go. Even if you do not let them go, they do, most of the time, and another thought just simply crops up to again go through the exact same process – always this three-faceted aspect to it. Thoughts arise, then stand a while and then disappear, dissolve, move on.

Whether you are looking at simple thoughts, their resulting creations big or small, from suns to empires, all goes through this implacable law of these three aspects which Hinduism describes and teaches as three parts, or three aspects of deity: creator, nurturer and destroyer. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA…OM NAMAH SHIVAYA…OM NAMAH SHIVAYA…this sacred mantra, recited or sang in my honour being just a reminder of these truths.

To me, thus, it was ascribed many thousands of years ago in the teachings of Hinduism, the deity aspect of destroyer- of dissolution and death – and I am called Lord Shiva, the destroyer.

It would be more accurate to use the word “dispeller” – for indeed that is who I Am – the dispeller of illusion.

I assist in dispelling illusion – all illusion of separation from Creator - simply by showing and bringing forth into all streams of consciousness, the unavoidable aspect of dissolution to all that is, was or ever will be, created.

In your dimension, beloved, you have lived mired in all kinds of illusions for long enough. I am here now to wake you up.

Knock- Knock! Wake Up!

All that Creator does or brings about is an experiment in separation, separating parts of Himself to experience Himself in all possible ways, almost like a card player in a solitary game, to use a metaphor.
And, just like in a solitary game of cards, and because there is only ever The One Player, it is only normal then that the cards get to be shuffled over and over and over again.

So there you have it.  To push this metaphor of card playing  to its fullness: there is Creator, nurturing a thought of separation, considering a game of “let me see what happens”  and then holding that thought a while, only to let it go and start again, ever birthing new thoughts, each of which You and I and all are.

Thoughts of the Great Mind – that is what we are, as are the mountains, the rivers, the clouds and the suns, all mere, fleeting thoughts.

What endures then, is not the thoughts, but the Love, that unfathomable energy of the One Player who for ever calls back to Himself the cards dealt, to again and again play them, on and on, if you are still following my metaphor.

Such is indeed the nature of reality beloved atoms and thoughts of God; you are time fractionally and ever only fractally made manifest in your dimension.

Now if you were to consider these three aspects of reality in yours and all dimensions, you would take a few deep breaths more often and stop ventilating with so much worry, much less with still denser emotions, such as fear, knowing, and knowing fully, that indeed, as you say so simply and so beautifully in this language of Shakespeare, all shall come to pass.
And so it does indeed – all does come to pass - just like a fleeting thought.

Pass is a verb I like – and one that is very appropriate when teaching these very basic notions of the Language of Light – for passing is what the Language of Light  has been teaching us all since the beginning of time, as you understand it, for time has no beginning nor ending. We are all passing on and on from one dimensional level to the next, expanding our consciousness, only as a wink of an eye of the Great Awakened One’s Consciousness. And we come and go, and, like all thoughts, some linger on, longer…

Now let us come back to the letter in question which we have called the healing symbol, seeing that my messenger is a practising healer.

Indeed this three-fold concept needs to be integrated in your minds and bodies so that you know and re-awaken to the codes it carries for your own self-healing, the healing of your sacred memory.

When you start giving too much attention to your physical form and allow fear or worry to take hold or dominate your mental body, you simply forget that your physicality is only an abode of a very temporary and fleeting nature, one that again falls under the trinity I came to remind you all about: create, nurture and dissolve.
No-thing – anywhere - escapes this reality encapsulated in this letter-symbol of the Cosmic Alphabet. All is destined to dissolution, or to the dimension of the un-manifest, (*)
(*) This is the deeper meaning of the sacred Shiva Lingam, the oval form representing the un-manifest, non-material aspect of creation.

 (sooner or later) which is also how I am often depicted, for such is the very nature of the Source, ever spewing forth new thoughts-creations, just as you do with your own mind’s thoughts, unstoppable, this being of course, your most classical and most used excuse to not meditate, be quiet, pray or contemplate.

I am often depicted with a sort of sun-like wheel at the back of my head. Again, this symbolic-object is yet another reminder of the same encoding of this ongoing three-fold process. And very justly too, the wheel in question is placed at the back of my head, just to ensure that it is in the back, in the past, ever dissolving, destroyed, and gone!

All over the world and far beyond the original teachings ascribed to Hinduism, this is also represented by another symbol, a much easier one to remember and register across cultures and traditions:
Three simple and parallel lines.

Many of my Brother Hindu Gods are thus still painted with these three lines on their forehead, below their eyes, on their arms, etc; but again the same trilogy applies: create, nurture, and dissolve.

Speaking of Hindu Gods, did you ever stop to ask yourself this question: why are there so many Hindu Gods? It is simply because you are –all- gods. In the beginning this truth was sacredly held by the collective of the human heart and consciousness, as parts of God all were gods and goddesses, just as all life was known and revered as being sacred, making the animals gods too.

Hopefully that will make you see beyond the entrenched religiousness of Hinduism to the great sacred truths it still holds and perpetuates so beautifully for all of humanity.

Back to the three little parallel lines - in many parts of Eastern Africa, too, these three little lines are, to this day, still tattooed on newborn children to “wave off the evil spirits” say their shamans. 

Again the ancient knowledge is there, only lost or temporarily forgotten.

Now that this has been, hopefully, clarified in your heart-mind again, and now that you are giving yourself this permission to keep expanding your consciousness beyond what you had imagined it would ever be possible, let us see how you can use such a symbol on yourself. And should you be one who, like my messenger, assists with the healing of so many other people, try it on them too. Light always recognizes Itself in all.

Let it not be forgotten that the Language of Light communicates as and through communion, meaning common-union, the union of what we have in common, which is of course, the Light!

But before I resume this transmission please do learn to stop using these two words together in one single sentence: never and possible – all is ever and for ever possible, just as Love, the Unchangeable.

Now then for the how and what of application:

Just by imagining this symbol placed at the top of the head, right above your crown chakra, you will awaken the codes and the information it carries.

So as to ensure that your missed-creations and difficult situations are dissolved faster you can spin the triangle in the general direction of your prevailing polarity, namely to the right if you are holding a male polarity, or to the left, if you are holding a female polarity, and in both directions, if you feel in harmony with both while repeating the Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya – as many times as necessary. Singing this Mantra is even more effective.

If you have doubts about your polarity, refer again to what beloved Joshua and the cosmic letter of polarity so simply and beautifully explained in the previous pages.

I bid you farewell and honour the divine in you all.
Om…Namah… Shivaya.