Book I : How To Light A Candle
with purpose and intent
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Extract from'How to Light a Candle'
Page 54, chapter 7 – Asking For Guidance and Help

No act of creation is ours alone – ever – we are forever simply the instruments of the universal creative power, some to a greater and some to a lesser degree – but all of us instruments just the same.

At subtle levels we are all constantly being infused with Light in various degrees of vibration: music, colours, words, ideas, solutions, concepts, inventions and intuitions of all kinds.
This is an ongoing universal process, that which allows a composer to write down the music of spheres, an inventor or a scientist to discover ‘things’, writers to ‘invent’ characters, healers to ‘healers to ‘heal’ hopeless cases and so on.

This is the ongoing process of communion with the Light – the continuous access to higher and higher levels of knowledge, wisdom, vibratory fields and frequencies, in short: Light at work.